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Expert reports. 

COGITO's services include expert reports of cognitive performance.

Reasons and goals for an expert report.

In the course of the reform of the nursing care insurance, questions about daily functioning and thus the independence of people with cognitive and/or psychological problems are becoming more and more important. In answering these questions, it is particularly important to use sensitive and standardized test procedures to make a statement on whether and to what extent a person is able to cope with everyday life challenges, plan and organize the day, orientate himself or herself and whether there are social contacts that can help integrate and support the person.

Private persons retaining expert reports.

Patients who need an independent first or second opinion in the context of pension, care or other insurance matters can contact us directly by telephone and receive information on how an assessment is carried out and what expenses are to be expected. In the case of retaining an expert opinion, incurred costs are usually to be borne by the patient himself.

Courts retaining expert reports.

Expert reports for court cases are assigned directly by the responsible authorities or requested by specialists (neurologists, psychiatrists).

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