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The Center

Our concept.

Individual care | Every person has different needs, his or her own way of dealing with his or her illness or complaints, as well as specific strengths and weaknesses. COGITO offers diligent personal treatment and care focusing on the patient or relative as an individual.

Solution-oriented | In addition to the important component of precise problem characterization through detailed diagnostics, the COGITO Center focuses equally on follow-up treatment and therapeutic strategies. Together with the patient, resulting therapy concepts are discussed and planned in detail.

Network | An important characteristic of COGITO is to analyze symptoms and diseases from several different perspectives and to work in a network of various disciplines. Cooperation with medical colleagues of different specialties and fields allows for an integral care of the patients.

Research-based | COGITO works on the basis of the latest scientific insights, among others thanks to its own research efforts, and ensures treatment according to the latest standards and the most promising diagnostic and therapeutic endeavors.

Basic information.

The COGITO Center was founded by Prof. Dr. Dipl. Psych. Iris-Katharina Penner in Düsseldorf, Germany and opened in May 2015. It is a neurocognitive competence center in which research and development, diagnostics, cognitive therapies and consultations are carried out. The close connection between research and clinical-therapeutic application is embedded in a context of different disciplines (e.g. neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, psychology, radiology, general medicine) and institutions (e.g. university clinics, rehabilitation clinics, medical practices).

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