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Professional consulting for the planning and evaluation of scientific studies 

for specialist departments, institutes and companies




All parts of our study advisory service and support are available either separately or as a whole package. 

Project planning.

As psychologists with many years of experience in the conception of experimental investigations, starting from pilot projects through to multicenter studies, we provide support in the planning and implementation of your study, always in accordance with the guidelines of Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Within this framework, we advise you with regard to organizational aspects, e.g. general project steps, cost calculations, as well as with regard to the contextual implementation, e.g. the neuropsychological endpoints relevant for your research question. Since quality assurance is our top priority, all processes that we supervise are based on the latest state of research.

Conducting studies.

The COGITO Center being directed by Prof. Dr. Penner benefits from many years of experience in the conception of studies and the experimental implementation of a wide range of projects. As trained raters with a special focus on disorders presenting with neuropsychological symptoms such as multiple sclerosis, dementia, craniocerebral trauma, brain tumors, etc., we care for every step of the organization, implementation, testing and data collection, always in accordance with your specific needs. Our expertise in data management allows us to also assist you in data collection, organization and storage. 

Evaluation and analysis.

Based on our methodological expertise, we offer a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of statistical scientific procedures. We provide you with advice on project-specific statistical evaluations and offer to perform them for you. In doing so, we rely on many years of experience with complex data management. All procedures are carried out in close cooperation and shared communication with you. We also serve as a central evaluation center for a large number of neuropsychological evaluations (e.g. in multicenter studies). 

Presentation of results.

After analyzing and evaluating the data, or in case of data that have already been analyzed, we assist you in interpreting the results within a personal consultation setting. We also support you with our longstanding expertise in preparing the results for presentation at national and international congresses and specialist conferences in accordance with the current guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA).

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